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When accounting professionals are not performing billable work, they are not making money. Accounting schools offer no classes in sales, marketing or new client acquisitions so it’s rare to find an accountant who knows how to consistently grow the profits of their practice. Sales management, list acquisitions, lead generation, appointment setting, appointment verification, re-set of missed appointments, pitch and presentation development, selling and follow up appear easy enough. But, writing collateral materials alone can take several hundred hours, after that the design team takes over. Would it not be nice to email your VP of Sales and Marketing with instructions to develop a product that effectively makes you $500 an hour & then sell $100,000 this year?

Capitol Tax Advisors is a full service outsourced Sales and Marketing Organization.

Happy peerson because of found money in tax planningEven if you acquired the skills to run a successful sales and marketing department, it takes time away from the income-generating efforts of your regular work. Accounting professionals already work tons of overtime. If you’re like most you have no extra time. Complex business undertakings like sales and marketing will eat up time and money. If you’ve purchased traditional advertising, marketing, leads and such you already know that they often produce no results. You wouldn’t be the only CPA who made a resolution to grow their business, with the only result being lost time and money. For accounting and tax pros, billable hour work creates income, not managing traditional advertising programs or telemarketing.

In Ten Short Years, our Los Angeles Office Generated over 15,000 Consulting Clients.

When it comes to selling tax consultations… We have a great deal of expertise. Most CPAs will not see 1,500 clients over their entire careers, much less ten times that every ten years. The average CPA in America after rent, staff and other expenses earns a little over 100,000 annually. That works out to about $50 an hour. Managing an ineffective sales and marketing program only pushes a CPA's income down. It just makes sense to outsource sales and marketing efforts to an experienced organization. Most accounting firms can handle $10,000 a month in new business seamlessly… Especially when it pays $500 hourly.


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We know how to generate tax planning clients in your area, but need the assistance of a tax professional. Capitol Tax Advisors takes a completely new approach to Tax/Accounting Practice Management. You perform the professional tax and accounting work, we take care of the sales and marketing. After set-up, we work straight commission. Your earnings are based upon completed tax plans and maintenance packages that we help you design and price. We sell services based upon their value. Your tax planning clients will love you, never complain about your rates and typically stick around for a lifetime.