Tax Reduction for Taxpayers


It is a well-known fact that most people, outside the top tier that is, overpay their taxes. And if that isn't enough to spur you into action, conisider the fact that more than a few billionaires like Warren Buffet openly brag about their lowly tax rates. New technology has provided a way for most CPAs to perform more calculations and strategies in a week than a room full of accountants could devise in a year. Today, there is little excuse for all taxpayers to legally take advantage of the tax reduction strategies available to everyone. We at Capitol Tax Advisors are here to help you get a handle on a big portion of your tax expenses. We will get you on the road to significantly and legally reducing your income tax burden.

We do this through the introduction of proactive Tax Planning services that can be provided by most any tax professional you’d choose. If you’ve got a CPA great if not, we can make an introduction. Additionally, we provide a suite of other tax lowering products, software, apps and services to make sure you successfully execute the plan. The process of lowering your taxes also reduces your chances of an audit. However, on the slim chance of an audit, plans are in complete compliance with federal regulations and audit protection is often included.


Capitol Tax Advisors's uniquely different element is the ability to step back from the typical preparation focused services and work towards the most tax favorable way in which to arrange your affairs. With the expertise we have obtained over many years in the tax business we can match your present and future financial needs with the best tax products, services and professionals.

Our opening role is a critical one - to first get you past the blockages that preclude so many from legitimately reducing their taxes. Typically, these are:

1) You believe your level of income doesn’t warrant tax attention. The fact is that Tax Planning strategies are important regardless of your income level as a 1099, business owner or an employee doing well but getting killed in taxes. We can show you how to access the last great tax shelter left in this country. By the way the new tax laws make this strategy better than ever.

2) The most difficult myth to get past is that your accountant has it all covered, and no further investigation is required. When was the last time your accountant invited you in to discuss a few big tax saving strategies? With our new tech your CPA will develop a dozen proactive tax strategies that immediately reduce your tax burden and throw off savings year after year.

3) Some simply say that tax knowledge won’t save me that much money anyway. Did you know that taxes are the number-one expense in this country? For most Americans, they exceed food, housing, transportation and clothing combined. Of all the taxes, income tax is by far the easiest to legally reduce.

4) Shouldn’t you change the way you think about saving money generally? There is an interesting correlation among millionaires. First, most millionaires are frugal and live well beneath their means. Millionaires know to get rich, you must get your taxes down to the legal minimum. They know we have two tax systems in the U.S. There is one tax system for employees and for those who don’t know the rules. This system is designed to take your wealth. The second tax system is for people who know the rules. This tax system is designed to create economic growth. It might as well be yours.

5) Some seem to think that their investments and income are so strong tax savings don’t matter. In today’s investment environment, if you rely on interest alone it would take more than half a century to double your money. Many people are taking some big risks chasing yield returns when you could be taking no risks by reducing taxes instead. And, if you have a big income and don’t care about taxes, how about enjoying life more by saving taxes and working less.

How would you like to completely deduct the equivalent of your kids’ college education, room and board? Their weddings? Your vacations?
Have we convinced you that you should do something about reducing your taxes?

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