Tax Reduction Products and Services

Capitol Tax Advisors is a “One-Stop-Shop” for all your tax needs. It's overall aim - to reduce taxes to the lowest legal level as easily and affordably as possible. Our suite of products and services brings you the latest in all the necessary tax-related tools to set you on the best course towards considerable tax savings.

Tax Reduction Products and ServicesTax Education

No one is more qualified than our Tax University’s tutor in helping you identify and understand tax savings. He is a CPA and Tax Attorney. One of only a few tax attorneys entrusted to train IRS agents. Over 100,000 small business owners have heard his training in person. Many more have read his best-selling books. It would be hard to quantify the millions-of-dollars in taxes he has helped thousands of people save. Learn More About Tax Saving Education

Tax App

This is a fabulous, well-proven smart phone App that helps business owners track expenses through automating and simplifying tedious accounting processes. It performs mileage and expense tracking on autopilot using the navigation systems in your phone. No more wasted hours typing data into spreadsheets or expense reports. Learn More About Tax Expense Tracking App

Tax Planning Software

Our recommended software provides a unique system that generates proactive Tax Plans tailored specifically to clients’ unique circumstances. These comprehensive Tax Plans are beautifully presented in writing and typically run 20-60 pages. They come with a number of specific tax-saving strategies in an easily digestible format. The software draws on a database of over 110 tax-saving strategies. This is nothing like traditional tax software that merely projects future tax liabilities. Learn More About High Tech Tax Planning Software

Accounting Software

If you run a business, use of high quality accounting software is critical. We work with the best there is. It will save you significant time in bookkeeping and paperwork through one combined user-friendly system, allowing you much more time to focus on your business. It’s primary function is to alleviate the use of multiple tables, spreadsheets, and tracking sheets necessary to document, integrate and maintain accounting tasks at any company. Learn More About Accounting Software.

Incorporation Services

Starting a business requires legal processes that need to be carefully navigated, yet at the same time are not so complex that you need to hire a lawyer.  The technology we are aligned with is able to efficiently create an array of small business-related legal documents online. This includes all-important business formation. These services are provided for a fraction of what you would pay a lawyer, and are delivered quickly and in a relatively easy fashion. Learn More About Incorporaion / LLC Services.

Tax Reduction Solutions to Lower TaxesIRS Tax Audit Protection

Few things scare Americans more than the thought of facing a tax audit. In fact, many taxpayers choose not to take benefits to which they're legally entitled, simply because they fear it would increase their chances of getting audited. The programs offered provide you with full audit representation through a licensed tax professional. They will defend your returns through the highest available level of appeal and handle all document review and correspondence with the IRS. Learn More About Audit Protection Services.

Registered Agent Services

The penalties for not having a proper Registered Agent heavily outweigh the price tag. These include the risk of falling out of "good standing" with the state in which registered. Penalties can include license revocation, fines, and the inability to enter into legal contracts and/or gain access to the state court system. Moreover, reinstatement proceedings could include further monetary, civil, and possibly criminal sanctions as well. Most states in fact require business entities to have Registered Agents in that state. Learn More About Registered Agent Services.

Ongoing Tax Maintenance

In order to implement and maintain your Tax Reduction Plan, your CPA will need to introduce ongoing accounting and tax rule compliance procedures throughout the year. This will ensure that action plans behind the strategies agreed under the Tax Plan are actually actioned. At the same time, all the associated bookkeeping, return preparation, quarterly payments, corporate renewals and IRS correspondence are attended to on a continuing basis. We can work with your CPA to plan, initiate and deliver these. Learn More About Tax Reduction Maintenance.