Forming a Corporation

Starting a business requires legal processes that need to be carefully navigated, yet at the same time are not so complex that you need hire a lawyer. Online technology is available but websites are often so vague and complex that they do nothing but confuse or overwhelm you about the setup process.

We access online legal technology that clearly creates an array of small business-related legal documents online. Available documents include business formation, registered agent services, DBAs, copyright registrations and trademark applications. These services are provided for a fraction of what you’d pay a lawyer, and are delivered quickly and in an easy fashion. 

The process doesn't require any legal training. It takes care of pretty much everything and walks you through step-by-step. You’ll have a quick turnaround time in terms of filing and receiving your documents. Prices are competitive and substantially less expensive than working with a law firm or business attorney. Incorporation can include a personalized Operating Agreement (a legal document every company should have that establishes rights, management, ownership etc.). A Compliance Calendar can also be included: in effect a reminder-tool, so you do not miss any licensing or permitting deadlines for renewals at county, state and federal levels.

In addition, a Registered Agent service (handles all official/legal/court notifications from the State and important documents related to the company) is available if you choose. Other optional services that you will probably need include the acquisition of a Federal Tax ID (EIN).