IRS Tax Audit Protection

Few things scare Americans more than the thought of facing a tax audit. According to the IRS, only the sense of personal integrity was a more important reason than fear of an audit in explaining why so many Americans are honest about paying their taxes. In fact, many taxpayers choose not to take benefits to which they're legally entitled, simply because they fear it would increase their chances of getting audited.

Whether it is wise to use audit protection services is a function of the complexity of your return, the amounts involved, as well as peace of mind issues. Statistically, the higher the sums involved the greater the chances of being audited. Either way, we are able to provide audit protection services as an optional add-on service.

These programs will provide you with full audit representation through a licensed tax professional. They will defend your return from audits for as long as your return can be audited through the highest available level of appeal. They also schedule all audit appointments and handle correspondence and document reviews with the IRS.

From the first notice to completion of the audit, they'll handle everything, including:

  • Developing a plan of action.
  • Following up with the IRS.
  • Preparing IRS documents for you.
  • Representing you in all IRS meetings.