Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent ServicesThe penalties for not having a proper Registered Agent heavily outweigh the price tag. These include the risk of falling out of "good standing" with the state in which registered. Penalties can include license revocation, fines, and the inability to enter into legal contracts and/or gain access to the state court system. Moreover, reinstatement proceedings could include further monetary, civil, and possibly criminal sanctions as well. Most states in fact require business entities to have Registered Agents in that state.
A Registered Agent is a responsible third-party who is registered in the same state in which a business entity was established. He is designated to receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications, usually tax forms and notice of lawsuits, on behalf of the corporation or LLC. This way the Agent ensures that you don't miss crucial information regarding tax payments, lawsuits, or judgments involving your business. PO boxes are not acceptable addresses for Registered Agents.
This also means you can leave the office freely, go on vacation, and not worry about things like stolen mail or the adverse effects of bad weather.  It also means that you will not have to accept potentially embarrassing legal or tax documents in front of clients, or employees, at your office. Further, as your Registered Agent's address will remain the same, you can easily change your business location without necessarily having to file more paperwork to change your address with the state for each and every move.  Capitol Tax Advisors has partnered with a reputable attorney to provide full Registered Agent Services.