Tax Plan Maintenance

In order to implement and maintain your Tax Reduction Plan you will need to agree a decided plan of action including ongoing accounting and tax rule compliance procedures throughout the year. This will ensure that action plans behind the strategies agreed under the Tax Plan are diarised and actually actioned; this is not a "wish-list".  Further, all the necessary bookkeeping, return preparation, quarterly payments, corporate renewals and IRS correspondance are attended to on a continuing basis so that the year end closing of books is flawless, quick and without the last minute panics and surprises that are often encountered when tax accounting is reactive. Moreover, communication lines are open throughout the year and meetings held to update and confirm the effects of agreed actions. Specifically, Capitol Tax Advisors can arrange:

  • Monthly or more frequent Bookkeeping.
  • Business Tax Return Preparation.
  • Personal Tax Return Preparation.
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Correspondence .
  • Unlimited TAX Pprofeessional Meetings.
  • IRS Audit Support and Defense.
  • Tax Projection and Planning Reports.
  • Estimated Tax Payment Preparation.
  • Corporate Renewals.
  • Tax Guarantees.

Add-on services that we highly recommend, if not already in place, are:

  • Monthly or bi-weekly Employee Payroll.
  • Quarterly Tax Filings and W2s.
  • Direct Deposits.
  • Online Payment Invoicing and Management.
  • Online Accounts Payable Payments and Management.