Tax Planning Software

Tax Planning and Tax Reduction SoftwareOur recommended Tax Planning software offers a unique software system that generates proactive tax plans tailored specifically to clients’ unique circumstances. With this system, clients are provided a true tax plan, with a number of specific tax-saving strategies in an easily digestible format. This is nothing like traditional tax “planning” software that does not plan anything, but merely projects future tax liabilities in a form that few can easily understand.

These plans reassure clients with their completeness, and provide summary reports that guide delivery. Plans typically run 20-60 pages, depending on the client and their situation. Plans are beautifully presented, full of strategies that are easy to understand, fully sourced, and footnoted to the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury regulations, and other appropriate sources. These plans are sure to impress and showcase value in the most current and applicable tax strategies.

The software draws on a database of over 110 tax-saving strategies. The software uses a proprietary artificial intelligence engine to suggest the best options for clients. Regular news and engaging stories are also generated. In addition, document templates are provided to facilitate specific plan execution such as medical expense reimbursement, education assistance, charitable trusts, and more. All save further time and money.