Tax Savings through Education

We provide access to an online Tax University. No one is more qualified to help you find tax savings than our tutor. He is a CPA and Tax Attorney, as well as 1 of only 8 tax attorneys responsible for training IRS agents. He left the IRS and started teaching. Over 100,000 small business owners have heard his training in person. Many more have read his best-selling books. It would be hard to quantify the millions-of-dollars in taxes he has helped thousands of people save. Tax University simplifies tax strategy so the average person can easily make the tax laws work in their favor. You will learn:


There are some incredible new tax savings opportunities, they are not automatic.

  • How simple tax strategy can be.
  • Understand enough to be able to converse with authority and tackle the main opportunities head-on.
  • Find more deductions for your business (travel, education, and health care especially).
  • Avoid common tax mistakes.
  • Reduce your chances of an audit.
  • Significantly decrease capital gain taxes.
  • Set up retirement programs more profitable than government or large companies can.
  • Most of all - never pay a dime more than you have to - and do it totally legally!


Tax Pros often work long hours, especially during busy periods when they are preparing 100s of returns. They have little time to focus upon individual needs let alone tax reduction opportunities that are often right under their noses. Taking your time to learn some of the more important tax strategies up-front helps both you and your Tax Pro. This way both parties can work together to more efficiently find the most savings.

The Tax Game Has Changed For The Self-Employed – Make Sure You Learn What’s Happening Now. Congress just passed the biggest tax overhaul in decades. There are some amazing benefits for small businesses and self-employed people. However, the media has been mostly talking about the changes for big business. There are few if any simple explanations of the way the game has just changed so favorably for small business owners. If you are self-employed, you need to understand what has changed.

There are some incredible new tax savings opportunities, but they are not automatic.

If you do not know what is different, then you will not get the savings you deserve. In fact, if you do not take action now, you might just miss some big tax savings.

Understand that whenever you have politicians working on a bill, you have to assume there is give and take. The new laws took away some deductions for both business and personal. Nevertheless, it also created some some new ones. For example, taking a client out to play golf is no longer deductible. The same holds true for the theater, sports games, and other entertainment. However, to compensate for that the vehicle deductions are much more lucrative, if you start using the new rules. You may need to change the way you run your business to capitalize on the opportunities and avoid the traps.

The biggest thing you can do for your business this year is get a grasp of the changes as soon as possible. You cannot wait for your accountant to teach you all this. 

Many established Tax Pros will file anywhere from 200-300 tax returns this season. Due to their crazy schedule, many tax accountants may not even have time to get fully trained on the new tax law themselves until late in the year. At that point, you will have missed many months of tax benefits that you could have been using. You really need to act on this vital information right away.

That is why Tax University focused upon the new tax laws and how they affect self-employed people. Hundreds of hours have gone into analyzing the new tax laws and organizing the information in a way whereby the critical components are articulated simply and quickly.