Tax Planning

Practically speaking to reduce your tax liability, you are going to need some tools. Here at Capitol Tax Advisors we offer a number of excellent, high tech tax savings tools. Of course, everyone’s needs differ, but we’ve found that most people will see the biggest, quickest tax savings from a combination of tax planning, education and better bookkeeping. We’ve got many tools that will greatly enhance these items, and more.

A well-prepared, written Tax Plan is the best tool with which to begin. Typically, your personal Tax Plan will run 20 – 60 pages. It will include a number of doable strategies, the tax code backing up those strategies, any deadlines, clever ways to use tax law to your advantage, and warn you of potential red flags and common mistakes. This type of education is easy to use and understand. Your tax professional will explain the Tax Plan to you and answer your questions. You will not waste time reading books that may not even apply to your situation in the least.

A Written Tax Plan is the best tool with which to start.

After the Tax Plan is completed and reviewed with you, we will make recommendations as to several products and services that will be specific to you executing the Tax Plan and reducing your taxes. We have partnerships, affiliations and suggestions regarding a number of these products and services. However, before you run out to purchase any products yourself we strongly recommend that you start with the tax professional's written Tax Plan. If you are like most people, reading not to mention understanding, twenty-million plus words of the federal tax code, regulations and court decisions… is probably not going to happen. What you need to learn is what is relevant to you, your finances and personal preferences as described in a well-prepared Tax Plan. Why spend thousands on a full-blown accounting system when a basic package and inventory add-on will likely do just fine.

The best way to start is to call us (800-940-1098) and we will talk to your current tax pro and guide them to the best software for their practice…. We have tools for tax pros as well. 

If you don’t own a small business already… Here’s some free education: Consider starting a small business to take advantage of the significant tax savings you now miss.